Google’s New Business Messaging Platform

You’ve heard about using Facebook Messenger as a tool for communicating with prospective and current customers, but did you know that Google also has a business messaging offering?

Google My Business Messaging

This new feature was initially rolled out in July 2017, and it’s designed to increase engagement with anyone searching for your company on Google. Google My Business (GMB) Messaging allows any mobile user to directly message your company from your Google listing or a Google search. The user’s message will then be delivered to the mobile phone of your choice as a text message so that you can respond.

Why is GMB Messaging Different?

Communicating with customers as easily and directly as possible is of utmost importance. By allowing users to communicate with you from your search listing, you will eliminate the need for them to press the call button or search for a contact form on your site to get in touch. GMB Messaging can also encourage better search placement for your business. If you respond to messages in a timely fashion, Google will include a positive rating for your business based on your prompt response.

GMB Messaging is favorable over Facebook Messenger since it eliminates the need for additional searching to get an answer. A user looking for an open coffee shop near his/her zip code can message the shop directly from Google instead of opening another app to send the message.

The Best Way to Use GMB Messaging

Are you ready to integrate GMB Messaging into how you interact with prospective and current customers? Follow these best practices:

  • Know that GMB Messaging will not restrict messages to your given business hours, so you could receive messages 24/7.
  • Set up an autoreply to respond instantly to messages. By using an autoreply, users will know the number is active and also have an idea of when they should expect a formal reply.
  • Keep your mobile device that is your designated GMB Messaging number handy at all times, since Google will monitor your response time and frequency.
  • Monitor your statistics on GMB Messaging to see how many clicks your business has received, total conversations and other relevant information.

To learn more about how Google My Business Messaging can improve the way you interact with customers, contact 360 Your Business at 443-963-9394.

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