The Power of Video for Small Business

Small businesses often have small marketing budgets, but that doesn’t mean that quality and impact should be sacrificed. 360 Your Business offers high-quality cost-effective online marketing videos to draw customers into your website online and into your business in person. What does small business video marketing look like and how can it benefit you?

Small Business Video Marketing 101

Videos are incredibly effective at drawing in new customers and engaging your current clients. Just like other types of marketing, videos are not one-size-fits all. Small business video marketing can look like:

  • Short business profile videos
  • Background videos for your website
  • Customer testimonials
  • Brief social media-friendly videos showcasing different services you offer
  • Traditional commercials
  • Walkthroughs and tours of your business

Wondering what this might look like? Here’s an example:

Why is Video Marketing So Effective?

As customers change the ways that they learn about businesses and their offerings, small businesses need to change the ways that they market to consumers. Did you know that 4 times as many customers would rather watch a product video than read about a product? Did you know that 25% of customers lose interest in a company completely if that company doesn’t have a video available on their website? Missing out on customers means missing out on money, and video marketing is a great way to ensure your business continues to grow.

How Can Video Marketing Help My Business Grow?

Video marketing:

  • Encourages customers to share a video if they enjoyed it, increasing your brand recognition
  • Can become “viral” and give you a huge boost in views, recognition and sales
  • Will increase your ranking on numerous search engines thanks to SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Can be done for less money than similar print campaigns targeting fewer people 

Ready to Transform the Way Your Small Business Markets?

If you want to get a taste of the wide variety of videos we have completed for small businesses just like yours, visit our Vimeo portfolio. To get a free video quote and learn more about our unique and effective video marketing options, visit us online or give us a call at (443) 963-9394.

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