Social Media Trends for Increasing Your Visibility

In the sea of social media, it can be hard to stand out from your competitors. Thankfully, there are many different ways you can differentiate your brand and be remembered by your target customers.

Go to Your Customers

The most important strategy for reaching your customers on social media and increasing your visibility is putting effort into the right social media platforms. Think about your target customers and current customers and what social media platforms they use. If your customers find you on Facebook and share your content there, investing the greatest portion of your time into Twitter is not the best idea.

Make Partnerships

Social media users love interesting and exciting collaborations. Who could you partner with in a mutually beneficial business relationship? Even small partnerships, like posting two pieces of the other business’s content a week, can boost both of your brands. If you aren’t sure where to start, brainstorm products that your target consumers would be interested in or would purchase alongside your products. A small clothing boutique partnering with a local jewelry company could generate a great deal of social media buzz.

Create Compelling Videos

Video is one of the biggest trends in social media right now. Whether it’s cooking videos that can be watched in a minute or less or product demo videos, social media users love engaging with video content. Short videos are also the ideal way to pack a great deal of content into a small package. One recent research study demonstrated that an amazing 80% of social media users remembered video ads they watched within the last month and almost half of those users took a follow-up action. Videos aren’t just great for advertising on social media, they are also the best way to get immediate results.

Partner with 360 Your Business

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